We started back in 1894 in the region that was the cradle and the house of masonry since the fourteenth century, and has become the first among the best. It took us two years to build the most technologically advanced stone processing factory in Eastern and Central Europe. Having extracted Labradorite, we have succeed in revealing its natural beauty. As our quality meets no compromise, and the black stone with blue iridescense, now known as Volga Blue, has been revealed to the world.

Our indisputable advantage is the fullscale work, starting with careful, proper and technological mining of the own massive material, including the production of high-quality items and final distributiion throughout Europe and world.

Nowdays GOLOVINSKI Group of Companies is more than a dozen of granite quarries in Ukraine, including the famous Golovinski Labradorite Quarry. Which stone that has taken its place among the world's elite stone brands. The companie's modern stone processing factory (the largest in Ukraine),is located in the town of Golovyne, with a capacity of hundreds of thousands of square meters of finished production per year.

Our mission

Tradition does not preclude innovation. Novelty does not negate quality. Our goal is a combination of traditional stone durability and modern trends in its use and processing. To achieve this, we work only with the most experienced specialists in our industry, creating the best conditions for their work. Indeed, success in any field depends on professionals engaged in what they love. Therefore, we work to satisfy everyone: both customers and partners.

Our vision

Golovinski sees its responsibility in maintaining a work environment that is conducive to innovation and growth. We are improving in order to develop customer confidence by providing transparent conditions for cooperation, offering the best quality product and an individual approach to each partner.

history of the company